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Azerbaijan recognises Iran election results

July 1, 2009 by Leigh Newton · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

If it’s true that Azerbaijan has recognised the elections in Iran, it is a major statement of policy on democracy in Azerbaijan.  Seemingly Azerbaijan is not concerned with an image of moderation regarding international affairs.  More importantly it is not concerned with appearing to be a healthy democracy.  Why would a country recognise the Iranian regime when the bulk of evidence glaringly suggests corruption?  The only possible conclusion is that it’s an attempt to dilute any investigation into its own recent corrupt election and referundum process. In addition it possible that it is an indication of what the government is willing to do in the event of an uprising in the Kingdom of Azerbaijan.  (No-one really believes that it is a democracy.  Perhaps it might be called the United Kharnate of Azerbaijan.)  It’s strange that Azerbaijan can’t see that by drawing attention to itself in this manner it makes it more apparent that the country is less than democratic. I guess it’s evidence that delusional states eventually start to believe their own propaganda.

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